We love it when you tell your friends about OMEGA Research Group. In appreciation for doing so, we want to give you money for every friend that screens or enrolls in a study.


Here how it works...

If you refer a friend and if they screen for a study, you both earn $25. If they enroll into a study? You both earn $50! We’ve made it super simple to take advantage of this opportunity. For more details, contact us at 1 855 SEE OMEGA (855-733-6634).

Refer a Friend


Who can participate in the Refer - A - Friend Program?

Anyone! Whether you’re a current volunteer, or have completed a study in the past, you and your friend can both earn $$ for enrolling into a study.

What qualifies as a referral?

Any person(s)that either enrolls into a study.


How are referrals tracked?

Referrals will be tracked when the referral checks in at a Omega Research Group location for a scheduled appointment.



When do you receive your referral money?

You will receive your referral fee on the Friday of the week the referee is enrolled in a study.  You can either stop by our office to pick up or have it mailed to you.